Treats! – Oceania

“I’m not a vegetarian! I’m a dessertarian!”   -Bill Watterson

This post is dedicated to the love of my life. My inspiration. My reason for getting out of bed, and most days, for putting on pants. My heart belongs, always and forever, to …


Some of my favorite treats from Australia and New Zealand


Doughnut Time in Melbourne, Australia. Hand dipped, gluttonous, and surprisingly inexpensive.


Popsicle from Tama cafe in Tamarama Beach, Sydney. A short walk along the cliffs from Bondi Beach.


The best gelato in Queenstown, New Zealand. Mrs. Ferg Gelateria.


Waffles and ice-cream from Waffle and Puff, at the Cairns night markets, Australia. Filled and topped with blueberries, and heaven.


Caramel covered popcorn and ice-cream cone from Honey Cream in Perth, Australia. Korean style soft serve ice-cream beautifully topped with an assortment of yums. Don’t skimp on the napkins, you’ll need them.


Sparkling wine at the Harbor Hoopla 2016 New Year’s Eve party, Sydney Botanical Garden. I have more photos than memories of that great night, thanks to several bottles of this bubbly.

Hobbit inspired sundae from Hobbiton, an hour and a half outside of Auckland, New Zealand. Tour the Shire, then reward yourself with enough calories to sustain a family of Hobbits for a week.

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